Pack your bags— it’s time for an adventure!

One of my favorite parts of a journey is documenting the important things that happen along the way. Recording noteworthy moments and taking snapshots provides me with memories of the special things and people I encountered, alerts me to the things I should avoid in the future, and allows me to share the goodness with my friends.

We want to approach reading the Bible as a grand adventure! When we take the time to explore and experience God’s Word, it’s as if the Holy Spirit shines a flashlight on certain passages, making the jewels of His truth stand out and shine as they grab our attention. Doesn’t that just make you want to dig deeper below the surface to learn more?

And of course you will need a place to record all the things you learn and discover along the journey— which is why we are excited to introduce The Bible Field Notes: Old Testament Edition! This journal is a simple but fun tool to capture the highlights of your journey through the Bible, while encouraging you to pause and reflect on the awesomeness of our God. When I first began making notes while reading the Bible, I was reminded that scientists and students often record their findings in what they call field notes, a journal that becomes filled with their great discoveries. Imagining being on my own exploration through the Bible and recording my observations as I went, made reading even more fun and alive. Our Bible Field Notes: Old Testament invites you to record specific details through each book, create detailed character assessments of people and be prompted to discover and track verses designed to reveal more of God's Word! 

Adventures are best when they’re shared with friends, am I right? We would love for you to join our community of fellow Bible explorers as we spend the most important part of our day together in Bible Time with Mark & Cori. We go LIVE 6 days a week (Monday - Saturday) at 9:30AM PST on YouTube (

Pack your bag with The Bible Field Notes, grab your camera and magnifying glass, and let’s embark on a journey of faith!


The Bible Field Notes are designed to be simple and economic with all the inside pages printing in black and white. If you feel like getting creative, you can frost your pages with stickers (from our Sticker Truck!) and washi and highlighters, just like you can do in your Bible.

  • Over 250 black and white printable pages, plus flexibility to print more as needed!
  • “Book Reports” for analyzing, evaluating, and documenting key points in each book of the Old Testament.
  • Character Assessments for learning more about the people God used in His story.
  • Prompts and Trackers designed to help you get to know the character of God and dig deeper on who He is, and the truth enshrined in His word.
  • Daily Reading Pages. These print-as-you-need pages are great for recording notes during Bible Time with Mark and Cori, LIVE show or Replay Club, where you can capture fast or brief notes from our discussions. You can add them to each corresponding Book Report section as needed.
  • Printable DIY Tabs. Our full color tabs are designed to print to cardstock and then trim or punch, paste back to back and add to your divider pages. Totally optional, but add a nice pop of color!