ClubHouse Membership Enrollment Open

Hello there, friends! We are so excited to welcome you into the ClubHouse! Enrollment is open now through January 15!


The ClubHouse is a special place for the First Love Club to gather in fellowship as sisters in Christ. It is a safe and private members-only online group (not Facebook), and has proven itself to be a fresh alternative to other social media platforms. Having this special place to gather is helping us to avoid the internet “squirrels” that often distract our attention away from The First Love Club and our special community, as well as speak freely about our love for Christ, His truth, and our responsibility as His people. We hope you will join us and that you will find the ClubHouse to be a warm, welcoming, Christ-filled space in our little corner of the internet!

What Hapens in the ClubHouse?

  • Get Social! We love chatting and getting to know one another on a deeper level. Get friendly with members in our live chat room 24/7, available on all browsers.

  • Study God's Word. It’s the best way to connect with our First Love, Jesus.

  • Connect with Prayer Warriors. Share your prayer requests and praise reports in a safe, private setting so that we can lift you up before our Heavenly Father.

  • Read Together. Share your suggestions for faith-building books with your First Love Club sisters.

  • Join a Book Club! Join the BookNook where we will read, learn and discuss a book together and have LIVE discussion sessions.

  • Be a Supposer! Get access to members-only LIVE events where we can discuss additional topics related to growing in the Word, improving our Christian walk and strengthening our discernment. Put your supposing hat on, and join us! 

  • Dive Deeper. Looking for more conversation related to Bible Time with Mark & Cori? Join us in the ClubHouse as we dig into God’s Word for in-depth study time, with a fun place to chat further, ask questions and share our notes.

  • Faithful Crafting. Share your scripture writing challenge pages and faith-based projects with a community that will help build you up.

  • Join the ClubHouse Choir - Worship Him together with praise and worship sessions.

  • Curated Content - Cori will share interesting videos, resources, sermons and articles about current events...all meant to strengthen your walk with Christ.

  • Helpful Tutorials. Join Mark for monthly tutorials where he will walk viewers through the steps of using our cut files on your Silhouette or Cricut machine. Q & A with a sticker-making expert, can't beat that!

  • Access to additional resources as we expand and develop our new home in the ClubHouse!

    How Much Does it Cost?

    We are extending our INTRODUCTORY RATE of only $4.99 per month for the first quarter of 2021! This price is a huge bargain, you'll definitely get a lot of bang for your buck with this pricing!

    Mark Your Calendar!

    • Enrollment is now open.

    • Enrollment closes on January 15, 2020 and won't open back up until April 1, 2021.

    Don't Miss out!

    Don't just take our word for it!

    “The First Love Club Membership has been the fresh air I needed! The Bible Time show community (which is really, truly the best) now has this amazing platform to connect, grow, and share all things from growing your faith in TRUTH, crafting, book club, and SO much much more. It is truly a safe, encouraging and nurturing environment. I can't say enough how much having having this space means to me. If you are looking for a community of like minded believers in our Almighty Lord, this membership is for you. Please join us! I can't wait to meet you and squeeze you in a [virtual] hug!” —Leslie H.
    “I am so grateful that I found The First Love Club and joined the membership. It is amazing to find a group of like minded ladies that have hearts for God. Reading the Bible with Mark and Cori each morning has been the best part of my day. This group has helped me to stay positive and focused during the unusual season of my life. Even when you have to watch or participate in the “replay club” you still feel a part of the conversation. There is sooo much positivity in this group it is truly amazing! —Steffanie S.
    “The club house has been a blessing! The environment is welcoming, encouraging and we LOVE to pray for each other! My husband/I, attribute the renewed walk with our sweet Lord and Savior Christ to Bible-Time! We had been asleep at the wheel for far too long! Come, join us! We speak and share His truth in LOVE. You will NOT regret-it! Also, as a 'crafy-chica' LOVE that it's a faith-based community! Oh, and be sure to join the Faithful 50+ during LIVE bible time too, a MUST on the daily and most of the time will catch the #replay —Betsy G.