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We have been so blessed by our daily Bible readings this year! We have been using the Daily Bible from Guideposts but decided that we wanted to switch things up for 2021 and read the Bible chronologically. So I spent weeks researching different chronological Bibles and finally decided on one that offers the following benefits:

  • A DAILY reading plan to be read 6 days per week. This will give our show a Sunday break.
  • A weekly review session for the 7th day of the week, that you can complete on your own.
  • An intro for each weekly and daily reading session that asks questions and prompts you to critically consider the scriptures you are about to read.
  • Generous margin space on most pages where you can write notes. This is not a formal journaling Bible, but the space is available on most pages to do so.
  • Available as a budget-friendly paperback or as a ‘leathertouch’ version.
OPTION #1: Christian Standard Bible Translation:

Again, this is a Chronological Bible so the books are often broken up and sequence of scriptures follows a chronological timeline of how events in the Bible happened.

The ONLY Con: The Christian Standard Bible translation has a persnickety fault (in my opinion) where they do not capitalize references to God by using: He, His, Him, Himself, You, Your, etc. This is problematic when reading as it makes it more difficult to understand WHO the scripture is referring to at times. I personally also like seeing references to God capitalized in deference to Him. I have seen some scholars say this is because the original manuscripts also did not have capitalization but since it’s something we are more used to, I prefer that.

IF this is an issue for you, and you just know that is going to be a challenge, there IS an alternative version of this Bible offered by the same publisher and editor, but is an older and slightly different format:


This is the same reading format as the Day to Day Chronological Bible above but capitalizes He, His, You and Yours when referring to God. 

The Cons: the daily readings are the same, but this is a smaller and more compact book without wide margins for notes. It does not include ALL of the weekly/daily intros for daily readings that the Day to Day has, but does have a weekly review for the 7th day of each week.

OPTION #3: You can also use your own Bible and just follow along with us using the same reading plan:

If you are ready to kick off 2021 with a new Bible reading habit be sure to join us where we will be reading 6 days a week LIVE on our YouTube channel, The First Love Club. We will be starting this new reading schedule January 4th.

About Bible Time

Bible Time with Mark & Cori began as our personal Bible reading time together. As we continued to read and study together, the Lord began nudging us toward sharing our daily Bible time with the faithful community that He has been building up around us.

We stepped out in obedience, and Bible Time with Mark & Cori was born. Inviting our faithful friends to join us on this journey has become the most special time of our day. We are not theologians or teachers, we are simply lovers of Christ who want to learn more about Him and make Him #1 in our lives.

Being intentional about our time with the Lord has opened our hearts to His Word and His leading in our personal lives as well as the direction He desires for our business. It has been humbling and inspiring to have a front row seat to what God is doing in the lives of our friends as well. To say that this has been transformational is an understatement!

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What Happens During Bible Time with Mark & Cori?

Road trips are fun, and so is Bible Time! We invite everyone to grab a hot cup of coffee (hold the creamer!), get in the car, put your supposing hat on, and come along! Some parts of the journey are smooth and easy to understand, but sometimes we hit a road block and need to consult a tour guide (Bible commentaries, maps, etc.). Detours are inevitable (as with any road trip), and this is where many of our fun catch phrases have entered our vocabulary.

#FaithfulFifty: This is how we refer to everyone who joins us for Bible Time, whether live or on the replay. The number doesn’t matter— we are all members of the #faithfulfifty!

Supposing: Asking questions is how we learn. I like to call it “supposing”, and supposing makes me think of a detective, like Nancy Drew solving the clues God has left behind. Put on your supposing hat and join us in discovering more about God’s Word!

Obedience Before Treats: When we started our journey through the Old Testament, we uncovered so many examples of God rewarding those who obeyed His commandments and directions (Think of Moses and Joshua). Obedience before treats became our first catch phrase as a reminder that God blesses those who walk in obedience to Him.

I Quoted: Scripture memorization is an important part of studying the Bible, so anytime we are able to quote a scripture during a reading, it’s a noteworthy and celebratory accomplishment!

#KeepReading: We encourage the Faithful Fifty to continue studying the Word and learning more about God’s love and His will for our lives. #keepreading is our way of encouraging you at the end of each Bible Time video!

Hold the Creamer: What does creamer do to a cup of hot, black coffee? It lowers the temperature and changes the flavor. Consider the Word of God as that cup of hot, black coffee. Adding creamer (watering down the truth of the gospel) makes us less effective when sharing God’s Word with the people around us. We want to keep our coffee hot and black!

What Our Friends are Saying About Bible Time with Mark & Cori...

“I am really being blessed and getting so much out of this time together. Scripture is coming open to me in new ways.” - S.M.

“This is a blessed time, indeed.” - M.J.

“I really enjoy my morning Bible reading with the two of you, the passages really come to life and I am learning so much! Plus, it is a lot of fun.” - L.A.

“Thank you for doing this Bible Time. As someone who left the church and had doubts, Bible Time has brought this daughter back to her Father where she belongs. Thank you and God Bless you both and this group of amazing women.” - G.W.

“Bible reading is something I have said that I am 'going' to do and never do because on my own it feels about as easy as deciding to be a surgeon. I didn't know how or where to start so this has been the perfect entry into Bible reading for me.” - R.R.




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