Hey there, sister! I am so excited that you are interested in joining The First Love ClubHouse! Let me explain a little more about what we’re all about…

What is The ClubHouse, and what happens there?

  • We are a community. The ClubHouse is a safe, private, members-only group that is unique because of its freedom from the drama, censorship, and worldly values of mainstream social media.
  • We engage in Christ-centered and Christ-honoring conversations.
  • We follow the instructions given in Romans 12:15 to “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep”, by encouraging one another to live righteously, by celebrating the blessings in our lives together, and by comforting and praying with each other in the trials of life.
  • We discuss the things we are learning in Bible Time with Mark & Cori (our daily YouTube journey of reading through the Bible), and we share resources to help us grow in our love and understanding of God’s Word.
  • We get together (virtually) for LIVE videos to giggle and chat about this and that… Girlfriend’s Gatherings are so much fun!
  • We participate in fun challenges, like these current ones:
    • The ClubHouse challenge focuses on recording and documenting our Bible studies as well as the details and memories of our daily lives, with a little craftiness thrown in for fun!
    • The Summer Fun Reading Challenge encourages us to remember the books we loved reading in our childhood, and to crack them open again for old time’s sake! Aaaah, the nostalgia. (Just don’t let your mom catch you reading with the flashlight under the covers after lights out!)

Who is welcome in The First Love ClubHouse?

  • We invite women of all ages to join! We’ve got Millennials, Gen-X’ers, and Baby Boomers in the house — each person brings a valuable perspective and experience to our community!
  • New believers, long-time Christians, and those who are curious about what it means to live for Jesus and walk with Him daily — all are welcomed and treated with love and respect.
  • Married, single, widowed… kids or no kids… the members of The ClubHouse are unique and varied, and each one is precious in God’s sight!



Overview of ClubHouse Activitites and Perks

Get Social!

We love chatting and getting to know one another on a deeper level. Get friendly with members in our live chat room 24/7, available on all browsers.

Connect with Prayer Warriors.
Join in monthly prayer sessions and share your prayer requests and praise reports 24/7 in a safe, private setting.

Faithful Crafting. 

Share your faith-based projects with a community that will help build you up. Participate in occasional LIVE crafting gatherings.

VIP Access to The FLC Sticker Truck! 
A perk of membership is getting first notice of our Sticker Truck stops plus first chance to purchase Bible Frosting!

Girlfriends Gathering! 
Join Cori's LIVE gatherings for fun and fellowship as we chat about various topics like faith, health, skincare, books, and more.

Join the ClubHouse Choir.
Worship Him together with praise and worship sing-a-long sessions led by the talented Michelle Spencer.

Dive Deeper. 
Continue the conversation  from Bible Time with Mark & Cori with a fun place to chat further, ask questions and share our notes.

The Watchmen's Roundtable.
Discuss current events, Bible prophecy, share trustworthy resources and messages. 

Join a Challenge

We offer fun ways to engage with the community or with product to help you with faith and creativity. 

Helpful Tutorials.
You've got questions, Mark has answers! The lab is a resource for information regarding printing and cutting product. 

The Prep Squad!
Join fellow preppers and discuss how we are prepping our hearts and homes for the future. 

Trick It and Gift It!

Join our community ministry of giving makeovers to Bibles nd gifting them to others.

Become a B.A.D. GIRL!
We want to Be A Doer of God’s Word and not just a hearer of it. Grow together as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Read Together.
The Nostalgic Summer Fun Reading Challenge is a fun 80's twist that takes us back to books we read as a kid in the 80s!

Need more reasons to join The ClubHouse? Listen to what our  members are saying!

“The Clubhouse has served as a safe space to share faith, prayers, laughter, encouragement, and of course crafting amongst friends who have turned into dear sisters. This community, along with Bible Time, has made a monumental difference in my life. It’s a place I never knew I needed.” - L.H.

“I love Bible time, so the opportunity to follow up with resources and fellowship if I wish is appealing to me. I enjoy the thoughtful presentations that are offered in the workgroups and the fun that comes along with this. Thank you so much for an affordable club that keeps me engaged with the word of God.” - L.P.

“I love the clubhouse! I’ve never been particularly fond of mainstream social media. So I love that the clubhouse is a safe and intimate space for me and others to share their love for Christ and sharing ways that we can get closer to Him. I love that I can come here and be inspired by the creativity, music, or even a new book. It’s awesome!” - R.A.

I hope you will join us and that you will find the ClubHouse to be a warm, welcoming, Christ-filled space in this corner of the internet! I’m looking forward to seeing your little face in The ClubHouse! 

Hurry, enrollment closes July 16 and won't open again until October 1!