What's The First Love Club All About?

The First Love Club

Bible Time with Mark & Cori

Bible Time with Mark & Cori is an opportunity to gather together with like-minded friends as we put on our “supposing hats” and go on a road trip through the Bible. Each day we read, learn, laugh, and through it all our love for the Lord and His Word grows and strengthens. We love that so many of our friends are along for the ride and want you to join us as well! Bible Time with Mark & Cori goes LIVE every morning at 9:30 am Pacific Time… join us for an adventure in faith! 


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    Visit the Coffee House

    Doesn't every Club have a little cafe to get cozy in? Grab a coffee and settle in for some quiet time with the Lord. The First Love Club Coffee Shop is a sweet little place in our community to quiet your heart as you become better acquainted with God’s Word. Enjoy our ambiance while you study or pray, and enjoy a menu of surprises we hope will entice you back!


      Express Your Creativity 

      Are you a crafty faithful girl, looking for ways to incorporate creative touches into your Bible or study notes? Creativity comes from God (the Creator Himself!), and using this gift is pleasing to Him. We are filling our shop with printables that will be just what you need to creatively enhance your study time! More goodies will be arriving soon, so check back often!


      For even more crafty inspiration, take a peek at our sister store, The Print & Snip Shop! We have hundreds of products including printable crafting kits, vintage girls we call Planner Honeys, punchable pages, sticker cut files and other fun embellishments to take your faithful crafting to a new level!


      Join Team Jesus

      The Bible tells us that there is “great rejoicing in heaven” when a sinner repents and accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and we rejoice over it, too! It would be our greatest joy and honor to walk with you through the steps to salvation as you make a personal commitment to Jesus and putting Him in the #1 position in your life. We want you on the team with us!